For those who visit us in our Magic Town, we at the Hotel Mansion Iturbe in Patzcuaro pay attention to the quality and hospitality, as well as the attentiveness to tourism, which characterizes the Mexicans. Passionate about our profession, we work as a team to offer quality service to our visitors.

Committed to Michoacán and our community in the Lacustrine Region. Hotel Mansion Iturbe has almost 50 years of experience and a history in the hotel sector since 1970. Making it one of the most traditional hotels in Michoacan.

A Hotel with roots in Pátzcuaro, we form our team with local people and indigenous communities. Achieving the personal and professional development of our employees over the years has been fundamental in Mansion Iturbe.

Supporting Michoacan Artists and especially the Creators of Popular Art in Michoacan has been one of our commitments at Hotel Mansion Iturbe. As well, we preserve Michoacan cuisine and its traditional recipes in our Doña Paca Restaurant.

We are commited to preserve our historic building, listed as a Historic Monument of Mexico. It was the home of one of the Conspirators of the Conspiracy of Valladolid. It is our responsibility to preserve the Iturbe Mansion, former home of the Arriaga Iturbe family, which for five generations has maintained the essence of this Novo Hispanic architectural jewel.


In the period of one year, to be the leading company in customer satisfaction for visitors to Patzcuaro, being a reference hotel within our sector nationwide.


Our mission is to offer an excellent service of warmth and comfort, thus providing an unforgettable experience for the tourist who visits Pátzcuaro and wants to know and enjoy the cultural richness of this region of Mexico.


We are a company, whose values include honesty, cordiality, respect, teamwork, commitment to the sustainability of the región, and the promotion of our destination.


Our quality policy: We have a firm commitment to comply with the Legislation aplicable to us in compliance with standards. But beyond that, providing services with minimum quality standards is our ongoing challenge. For this, internal collaboration must be fluid and transparent. Offering quality services, through the professionalization of all the processes we carry out daily, carefully following the quality management processes. Seeking with it the satisfaction of our customers.

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