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Tours & Transportation > PATZCUARO LAKESHORE ROUTE


Janitzio – Tzintzuntzan – Quiroga – Santa Fe de la laguna

  • We begin our tour aboard the typical craft that carries hundreds of passengers per day from the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro to its various islands (Janitzio, with its gigantic status of the Independence hero José María Morelos rising at the pinnacle, being the principal island).  The islands are populated predominantly by indigenous, who keep alive their native language, as well as their unique traditions, such as the famous Night of the Dead (celebrated November 2), named “An Intangible Treasure of Humanity” by UNESCO.
  • We move on to what was the capital of the ancient Purepecha empire before the arrival of the Spanish in 1521.  This is the archaeological site known as the “Yácatas” (circular pyramids) above Tzintzuntzan.  In the village itself, we find the beautiful Franciscan ex-convent, in front of which were planted dozens of olive trees – almost five centuries ago – nearly all of which survive to this day.
  • Continuing northward, at the northern end of Lake Pátzcuaro, just west of the town of Quiroga, we find the village of Santa Fe de la Laguna, where Don Vasco de Quiroga began his evangelical work. 
  • Then we visit Quiroga itself, with its delicious carnitas (moist, seasoned beef), and a wide variety of artisanship to attract the excited visitor.


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Friday 28

November, 2014

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Creadores del Arte Popular Mexicano en La Regi?n del Lago de P?tzcuaro

Creators of Mexican Folk Art in the Patzcuaro Lake

Our area is distinguished for its particularly ample and varied gamut of artisans, expressing themselves in each and every piece.

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