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Tours & Transportation > PARICUTIN VOLCANO

Volcan Paricutín (Paricutin Volcano)

Includes:  Volcan Paricutín, ruins (resulting from the eruption of the volcano) of San Juan Parangaricutiro, the National Park in Uruapan

One of the twelve natural wonders of the modern world, Volcán Paricutín is one of the “youngest” volcanoes in Mexico, and is the only one whose very beginnings were witnessed by the human eye.

During this adventure, you will visit towns and see the breathtaking landscape closest to the site of the eruption in 1943.  You will visit San Juan Parangaricutiro, the devastated village closest to the path of destruction of the volcano.

You will also visit the Uruapan’s famous National Park, known for its exuberant plant life, as well as the mural of the renowned painter from Michoacán, Manuel Perez Coronado.

Needless to say, you will also enjoy the delicious coffee, charanda, avocado, macadamias, and other products of this fertile part of the State. 

Leave:  9 a.m.

Return:  6 p.m.

Road time:  Approximately 2.5 hours.


Thursday 5

May, 2016

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