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Tours & Transportation > HANDICRAFTS ROUTE

Artisan Circuit

Visiting: Tupataro – Cuanajo – Santa Clara del Cobre – Zirahuen

Lakes, Forests, Artisans, and Sixteenth-Century Churches

  • First stop:  Templo de Santiago Apostol, in the town of Tupátaro, not far from Pátzcuaro.  The extensive restoration of the church is thanks to the national “Adopt a Project” program.  The sanctuary’s lovely ceiling was painted by the indigenous when the church was built.  This gem is considered “the Sistine Chapel of Michoacán.”
  • Minutes away, we find the village of Cuanajo, known for its woodworking, and also for the indigenous women’s embroidery.
  • World-renowned Santa Clara del Cobre is another short distance away.  We find handsomely worked copper at every turn.  The metal is often crafted in the same building as the storefront and visitors are sometimes allowed to venture to these unseen areas to observe the craftsmen at work.  Santa Clara del Cobre has carefully preserved the flavor of the typical Michoacán village.
  • Lastly, we visit crystal-blue Lake Zirahuen, called “Mirror of the Gods” by the ancient Purépecha.  The aroma of pine forest will not soon be forgotten.


Leaves Mansion Iturbe: 10:00am arrives Mansion Iturbe 6:00pm


Wednesday 4

May, 2016

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